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Aug 23, 2021

Adventourous Trip
Making travel arrangements for your Employees requires special care and attention to distract them from the adversity they face, so they can relax and forget about their worries and breathe in a refreshing environment. so that they realize that they are important assets of the company and that the company owes them all the hard work they do for the company to achieve its goals. Taking into account all the comfort of our beloved team, the company decided to organize an adventure trip to Mabali Island on August 10, 2021. The company took care of all expenses from transportation, lunch to all activities such as jet skis, boating, etc., playing volleyball. in the water after taking all the safety precautions it was a fun treat to watch. Lunch there was fantastic, the birthday of two of the employees was also celebrated with a cake cutting. The services provided by the mabali team were tremendous. By dividing the members into teams, different ... healthy activities were carried out, such as gymnastics, cricket, volleyball, etc. The ludo challenge caught everyone's attention and it was a direct confrontation Precious moments there were captured with the cameras and make them an unforgettable memory. The 7 to 8 hour trip came to an end on a very happy note. An unforgettable trip and a place you would not want to be anywhere else. Read more

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