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Meeting of the Android developers of Funprime technology

October 1, 2021

A meeting of the Android developers of Funprime technology was held on Wednesday, 29-september 2021 at the office of the company.
HR called the meeting to order at 11pm. The moments were captured by Sohaib Ahmad. The meeting was headed by Noman Ali and he welcomed everyone to the meeting. His team members were
• Nazir Khan
• Labeeb Mujtaba
• Hassan Ali
• Muhammad Asim
• Khayyam Asghar
• Umair Hassan
Topic of the presentation was Front End Development and Constraint layout.
The point of discussion was:
* How Constraint layout allows you to position UI components in any sort of order whether it may be horizontal or vertical? ...
* How to size widgets in a flexible way?
Constraint layout is actually a support library that you can use on Android systems.
All the members actively participated in discussion and asked about the queries they had in their mind. Number of questions were asked by them and extensive discussion ensued.
After solving all the queries raised by the members the meeting adjorned at 12pm on a very good note.
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